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Whether a small ding from a shopping cart or damage from being T-boned, your vehicle needs to be repaired. Work with an auto body and collision repair shop you can trust to perform the job well and ensure you can get safely back on the road with a fully repaired vehicle. At Dave’s Body Shop, we have been providing the Waseca, MN, area with expert auto body repair services for more than 30 years. We have updated equipment to measure a vehicle’s damage and work with all insurance companies – even calling them for you to ease the stress. Let us make your vehicle good as new!

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Collision Repair

Collision repair is necessary after an accident, even if it was a fender bender. As part of the process, our technicians inspect each vehicle in detail and can identify potential problems that may not be outwardly apparent. We then use their specialized knowledge to service the vehicle according to manufacturer specifications, ensuring quality performance now and down the road. By sticking with certified professionals like ours at Dave’s Body Shop, you can be certain that your car has been taken care of with top-quality service.

Auto Body Repair

Whether dents, dings, or rust spots, professional auto body repair can work wonders with even the most damaged vehicles. Dave’s Body Shop technicians have advanced skills, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge equipment to ensure that each repair job is done correctly and efficiently. This attention to detail not only adds to the overall aesthetic of a vehicle but also increases the vehicle’s safety by ensuring that minor body issues don’t turn into major automotive problems down the road. Trust our technicians to do the job right when repairing your car.

Glass Replacement

Windshield damage is practically unavoidable. Whether hit by a stray rock, cracked in an accident, or cracked for no reason whatsoever, eventually, you will have to repair your glass. Even minor windshield cracks need to be addressed professionally because small problems can lead to major safety risks if not dealt with properly. Dave’s Body Shop professionals can carry out these services quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. With our expertise, you’re guaranteed responsiveness, attention to detail, and quality work every time. Automobile glass repair and replacement should not be delayed; contact us today for a safer driving experience tomorrow.

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Paint Repair

With our experienced staff and our paint matching equipment, we can ensure a proper color match every time. Our technicians spray Eco-friendly PPG ENVIROBASE® paint that comes with our lifetime paint warranty. Our technicians can repair and refinish anything from a minor dent or scratch to a major collision repair. Keeping up on any cosmetic or major damages to your vehicle will not only keep your car looking great, but it will also ensure higher resale value when you decide to sell your vehicle.

Frame Straightening

After an accident, whether it was minor or major, there could be frame or unibody damage to your vehicle. With our 360-degree dedicated pulling rack combined with our Chief Technologies laser measuring system, our technicians can find any issues with the structure of your vehicle. After we have measured the frame, we then check OEM specifications to determine if we are able to straighten your frame or if replacement is necessary. This is a priority after any collision. If your vehicle’s frame or unibody is not straight, this not only can affect your wheel alignment but also your overall safety and the safety of others on the road.

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